Sydney Penguin Club Speak Easy Group

Are you tongue tied and terrified?
Do you want to improve your communication skills?
The Penguin Club can assist you!



       Regularly meet each month

Come along to a meeting and see for yourself what happens.


Example Speaking Program for a Meeting

Prepared speeches – 5 minute speeches on one of the following topics:

  • My favourite activity is . . .
  • My favourite holiday destination is . . .
  • You know it is winter when . . .
  • The sound of people cheering . . .

Acceptance Speeches – prepare an acceptance speech for one of the following

  • You have won the best player award
  • You are the citizen of the year
  • You are the Australian of the year
  • You are the employer of the month



The ladies at Johnston Street are continuing to meet regularly.

They are pleased that they have been able to increase their confidence and communication skills because of their Penguin Club activities.


Venue: Sydney Mechanics School of Arts

Pitt Street Sydney

6pm till 8pm


28th November