Plan to attend a meeting!!!

For members and visitors meetings are full of fun and friendship while gaining speaking skills and confidence through effective learning and the opportunity to practise those skills.

Many women have use their Penguin Club skills to gain new employment, commence university degrees, join community organisations and speak at various social and community functions.  Confidence leads to new opportunities


Visitors are always welcome to attend any meeting and the Group details and contact information is on the web site.  Visitors are also welcome to attend training days and functions. Women with English as their second language are very welcome.

Hoa has been given many opportunities by The Penguin Club. She has had the encouragement and support from the Victorian members and has become a very competent speaker


Sue was asked  “What has The Penguin Club done for you?”

Oh, look it’s a wonderful new hobby, a new interest, and I’m probably three months in now.  I love the social aspect of it, meeting new people, lovely women, making new friends and there’s the important learning tools, and things.  It’s all about giving me confidence.  I find that each time I stand  and speak I’m feeling a little more confident,  learning the correct things, what to do and what not to do.  And it’s lovely to think that even today, speaking with women who have been in the Club for thirty or forty years say they are still enjoying be a member.  I like to think that one day I might be one of those.

Pam tells us

My name’s Pam.  I’m new to The Penguin Club. I’ve joined the Preston Group after a move from interstate.  Not being in the workforce for a long time, I found that maybe my speech and my thoughts were not as clear as they should be  and hopefully I will improve and it’s a great Club


Some worshops and tutorials which are presented at meetings:
Putting your heart into it (persuasive speeches)
After Five (Entertaining speeches)
Polished and passionate  (Presentation skills)
Informative speeches and researching
Speak up to make a difference!  Participate in meetings or discussions.
Voice projection
Meeting styles and procedures
Impromptu speaking

Communication skills covered at group meetings

  • Decision making
  • Beginnings and Endings
  • Discussions
  • Using props and notes
  • The importance of improving your timing
  • Interviewing
  • Social speeches
  • Impact of gesture
  • Venue
  • Dramatise your speech
  • Using a logical sequence
  • Conversation skills
  • Use of a lectern
  • Structure of a speech
  • Body language

Sherrilyn -REO Victoria
Sherrilyn -REO Victoria


Lyn, Membership Officer
0459 186 670

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